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News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 2, Issue 6)

Published 1952/02

Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom presentation. Includes: Dwight D. Eisenhower enters 1952 Republican party primary; blizzard at California's Donner Pass; Winston Churchill visits the United States; nuclear test at Frenchman's Flat, Nevada; Italian man sculpts human and animal figurines out of raw vegetables; new camera developed to track guided missiles in flight; history and landmarks of the Territory of Hawaii; captain Henrik Kurt Carlsen and his heroism at the helm of sinking freighter "Flying Enterprise."

Run time 22:59
Producer Warner Pathé News
Sponsor N/A
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Volunteer political workers walk through entrance marked Eisenhower
headquarters / Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. enters Dwight Eisenhower
as candidate in New Hampshire Republican primary election...stands in front
of large blow-up photograph on wall of Eisenhower image (SYNCH-SOUND) /
Dwight Eisenhower as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (NATO) speaks
(SYNCH-SOUND) / pretty volunteer worker mails political leaflets...sign
reads; WE LIKE IKE...also, I LIKE IKE buttons
(In March, Eisenhower won New Hampshire primary, defeated major challenger,
Robert Taft, and so began his successful bid for the presidency

0:58:35 - After blizzard, people shovel out from ten foot of snow...
people also stand on top of twenty foot of snow / aerial over snow
covered Donner Pass (California) / VS railroad train plowing its way
through thick piles of snow on rails / marooned people, rescued from
snowbound train

1:01:22 - WS Queen Mary ocean liner at sea / Queen Mary enters
NYC harbor / Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain & NYC Mayor,
Vincent Impellitteri (brief) / Winston Churchill stands in doorway of
airplane, takes off his hat / airliner lands Washington DC...military guard
salutes with rifles / Churchill debarks plane...greeted by President Harry
Truman, they shake hands ( Anthony Eden, also there) / Churchill & Truman
aboard yacht, Williamsburg...Churchill gently puffs on cigar / Winston
Churchill speaks to joint session of US Congress, says, America should keep
control of nuclear weapons...gets applause (SYNCH-SOUND). Also, brief of Bess Truman & Margaret Truman in gallery to listen to speech)
(Churchill visits Truman for talks about Cold War foreign policy questions
January 5, 1952)

1:03:08 - Army troops in the field watch nuclear explosion near
ground zero. General Mark Clark among those to observe blast
(Test site at Frenchmen's Flat, Nevada)

1:04:50 - HANDICRAFT
Man sculpts animal & human figurines out of raw vegetables
(Luigi Livraghi of Milan, Italy)

1:06:15 - SCIENCE
VS new camera and its parts in detail (to film guided missiles in flight)

Historic retrospective on Hawaii followed by VS MONTAGE of tourist
landmarks. Some of the more interesting shots in BRIEF: WS ocean waves,
Hawaii coast...and mountains / crane drops load of sugar cane / pineapple
pickers / Hawaiian hula dancer / surfboard riders / WS Honolulu / Aloha
Tower / University of Hawaii campus / cattle graze on plain / Mauna Loa
volcano erupts / fishing feast on beach / young girls dance hula / pair of
palm trees against sky
(Hawaii entered union as 50th State, August, 1959)

VS freighter (Flying Enterprise, Isbrandsten Line) sinks in storm tossed
ocean waters of North Atlantic / sailors remove headgear, in salute, as
ship's bow goes down under the sea / rescued captain of ship, Henrik Kurt
Carlsen, comes home a hero to cheering crowds / Captain Carlsen cheered
by crowd at airport in NYC / ticker tape parade up lower Broadway for
Captain Carlsen / Crowd in Woodbridge, NJ, cheer and parade for returning
home town hero / Captain Carlsen, speaks to crowd...I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT
ALL! (SYNCH-SOUND) / Captain Carlsen, wife, and young daughters



Reviewer: Spuzz - - September 23, 2003
Subject: Ike Joins, Church Comes, Troops Watch and Ship Sinks!
In this volkume..
We first see Ike take his first steps to becoming the President of the United states by becoming a replublican candidate for election. Nothing really earth shattering here, unless you can't get enough of that impossibly jingoey 'We Like Ike" slogan.
Nice footage of a snowstorm that happened at California. Great footage of a rescue of a snowtrapped train.
Winston Churchill comes to Washington and NYC and well, since this is NYC, they throw a parade for him. Pretty nice one too.
More foolish troops watch a nuclear bomb test in Nevada. They seem to not mind the radioactive dust blowing on to them..
Rather silly segment about a man who can carve figures out of vegetavles. Might as well throw them into a soup like the woman did at the end.
We then show a pretty blah demonstration of a slo mo camera that is said to be able catch missles in flight. That is not shown, instead, we see a slow mo plane.
Hawaii is then profiled, as it was on the verge of becoming a US state. Mmmmkay.
We end it off with a protrait of a ship captain who thought he could save his ship, finally he wa convinced to get off of it. Everyone is moved to this, NYC has (yes) a parade for him. and his hometown also has one too.
Pretty standard stuff this time!
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